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Tumella 9-Rib Bundle Design Blue Skies/ Burgundy Red

TUMELLA Unbreakable Windproof Travel Umbrella (Light, Beautiful & Superior), 2024 Ultra-Flex Tech, Compact, Small, Portable, Automatic, Strong, Durable, Premium Grip, Vibrant Designs, Folding Umbrella

No other Umbrellas Withstand the Wind and Rain like Tumella

Because we understand rain better than anyone, we wanted an umbrella that will protect you even in the harshest conditions. A truly high performance umbrella, Tumella outperforms competitive umbrellas in both utility and durability. Small yet mighty, our umbrella measures just 11.5 inches long and weighs less than 1 lb, however it is measurably much stronger than standard models. Delivering perfect performance in wind speeds over 70 MPH

The Dutch Love to Hate the Rain

The Netherlands is home to raindrops and downpours; all day, everyday. Where innovative ideas to keep you dry and protected from the rain are born. Tumella has created an umbrella for every occasion — Discover the designs from floral to the vast expanse of the Milky way.

All to keep you safe and dry, no matter the condition or location.

  • THE STRONGEST, WINDPROOF & BEAUTIFUL, LIGHTWEIGHT UMBRELLA: Tired of getting soaked in the rain due to a broken or bent umbrella? No more! Tumella Is in a class of its own. We offer you the sturdiest, easiest to use, and most windproof umbrella with automatic open/close. Enabling effortless 1 handed use and a stunning selection of natural, elegant designs intended to make you smile in the rain.
  • UPGRADED & UNMATCHED WIND AND WATER PROTECTION: Waterproof Teflon coating shields you from bad weather. We added a vented double canopy that allows wind to pass through, to securely and conveniently withstand even the harshest weather (tested in the university of Eindhoven at 70+MPH wind tunnel - equivalent to type 1 hurricane, see video). Even the sturdiest umbrellas will break or bent at 30MPH.
  • SUPERIOR STURDINESS & LIFETIME WARRANTY: Unlike regular umbrellas with only 6 to 9 weak aluminum or resin-reinforced ribs, Tumella has 9 fiberglass ribs made specifically with the new and superior ultra-flex 2024 tech, making it almost unbreakable when it bends under heavy wind conditions (while retaining it’s shape and full functionality afterward). The last umbrella you'll need to buy.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY ONE-HANDED USE, SMALL & PORTABLE: Take this compact umbrella for travel with you wherever you go. So versatile and simple to use, with just the touch of a button, you can automatically open or close your Tumella. It fits perfectly in your backpack, purse, or car door, with just 11 by 2.75 inches in size, weights less than 1 lb, while offering a huge coverage of 42 inch.
  • 40+ UNIQUE, VIBRANT & BEAUTIFUL GIFT IDEAS: Dress up your look with a unique companion umbrella. Choose from our vibrant selection of elegant and nature-based designs. Enjoy long-lasting, high-quality printed art while protected from the elements. Gift your loved ones a Tumella (or a few), a superior and fashionable travel umbrella for all seasons and all weather.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY & DESIGNED AND TESTED IN THE NETHERLANDS: In case Tumella doesn't resist a lifetime, you can always get a replacement – no questions asked. Living in the Netherlands (one of the rainiest countries on Earth) helped us gain the professional expertise to bring you the last umbrella you’ll ever need.

Product details:
Handle size: 2.75 inches / 7 cm
Length when folded including handle: 11.61 inch / 29.5 cm
Weight including pouch: 0.92 lbs / 418 grams
Canopy coverage: 42 inch / 107 cm
Canopy material: Water-repellent, 210T pongee
Frame material: Strongest 9-rib fiberglass ribs and Iron shaft

Tumella Questions & Answers

Why choose Tumella? Years of research and commitment to excellence make Tumella the ONLY choice for your umbrella needs. Buy a Tumella once and enjoy it for a lifetime with PROVEN superiority in strength and wind durability as well as clever design features, full sun protection and easy operation.
How windproof is Tumella? Never worry about warped or broken ribs again. Tumella features nine high-density, virtually unbreakable, full fiberglass ribs with Flex Technology and is wind tunnel tested to withstand hurricane forces of over 70 MPH. Wind tunnel and rib bent tests have proven that Tumella is much more durable than anything else existing within the same weight & size range.
Can Tumella flip inside out? Every umbrella can flip inside out in certain wind conditions. Flipping inside out is the biggest cause of broken umbrellas. Tumella solves this problem by combining Vented Technology (to allow air to flow through the umbrella, reducing the likelihood of it flipping inside out) with very strong full fiberglass ribs. Even when flipped inside out, the Tumella will flip back without any damage.
Does Tumella block the sun? Not just for rainy days, Tumella offers protection against ALL weather conditions. T210 density fabric on the Tumella Solid Color Umbrella resists sun to prevent heat stroke or sunburn, while our Design Color Tumella features UPF50+ coating that fully blocks harmful UVA and UVB rays.
What about size and weight? Heavy duty without the weight, Tumella measures 11.5 inches long and weighs in at less than 1 lb. Easily slip it into your pocket, briefcase or luggage and have it on hand and ready for action anytime, anywhere.
How do you operate it? For convenient one-handed operation, simply press the button and the umbrella will instantly open. To close the canopy, press the button again and the umbrella will automatically fold.
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