The Story of Tumella

Hi, my name is Annelies. I'm a mom to 5 wonderful kids and the proud founder of Tumella. The idea for our umbrellas was born on a rainy day in Amsterdam.

The Umbrella Battlefield

Umbrella Battlefield Amsterdam

Amsterdam, December 2020

Here I am in Amsterdam, the drizzle capital of the Netherlands. Picture me at Dam Square, drenched in rain and fuming because yet another discounter umbrella has let me down.

Cramming it in the nearest trashcan, I realize it looks like a battlefield around me: bent frames and torn fabric are all over the place. And it hits me what a waste this is: a waste of good humor, of resources, of the environment, and of money.

Walking to my meeting, arriving like a mess, I suddenly realize that I can make a difference. I can contribute to putting an end to the endless train of cheap, broken umbrellas by developing the strongest folding umbrella— an umbrella that is built to weather the Dutch weather.

Tumella's Mission

Rotterdam, May 2021

With my crew of umbrella super troopers, we've just formulated our mission: 

To deliver happiness through rainproof, windproof umbrellas that are as kind to the planet as they are to the customer. Let's brighten the world, one umbrella at a time.

Starting with a giant wishlist for the ultimate umbrella, we've refined it to these must-have features:

  • Strongest wind resistance to shield you from any storm; 
  • Stylish and fashionable designs that complement any look;
  • Compact size, small enough for anyone on the go;
  • A durable, rust-resistant frame that is built to last;
  • Crafted with care for the planet and our resources.

Our next challenge? Finding the right manufacturer.

The Battlefield in the Tumella Office

Rotterdam, February 2022

Finding the best manufacturer with the highest standards of durability and craftsmanship turns out to be a huge challenge. A strong umbrella isn't built in one day. Right now, I'm swimming in doubts about pulling it off.

Picture me and my team in an office that looks like Dam Square on a rainy day. We're surrounded by 37 umbrella samples—twisted, broken, torn apart. Not wanting to compromise on quality certainly comes at a price.

Tumella is Windproof! — The Wind Tunnel Test

Eindhoven, September 2022

The mood's definitely lifted around here. Together with my team, we're off to Eindhoven University to put our umbrella through the wringer—wind tunnel style.

Yes, we nailed it—found a manufacturer that ticked all our boxes. It took us a year to find the best manufacturer and to find out how to make the best windproof umbrella, but here we are! 

We now have a strong umbrella that is compact and fashionable. Our umbrella even stood the P!nk test, proving it wasn't broken, just bent, and snapping right back into shape after bending. Now it's time for the next big test: can our sample conquer the wind tunnel?

And it truly does! Our umbrella turns out to be windproof and easily withstands hurricane-force winds, handling 70 mph like it's just a breeze and popping back into shape as if to say, 'Is that all you've got?' This moment means everything to me—it's when I realize our umbrella isn't just ready; it's destined to brighten up rainy days for countless customers! My dream of contributing to better care for our world and its resources finally seems to be taking shape.

Lifetime Warranty Umbrellas

Rotterdam, December 2022

After another round of sampling and testing, we're now so confident in the sturdiness of our frame and canopy that we can offer our customers a lifetime warranty. It's our way of saying we're with you for the long haul, come rain or shine!

Fast Forward to Now

A lot has changed: We've sold hundreds of thousands of umbrellas, bringing light to the dreariest of days. Our customers adore the Tumella difference—their resilience and style, but also their compact design that fits perfectly in any bag. 

Our efforts have garnered recognition on a national stage. Featured on the Today Show with Hoda and Jenna, our umbrellas were celebrated for their innovative design and windproof technology.

What hasn't changed is our commitment to excellence: we're always on the quest to ensure the quality of our umbrellas. I'm so happy to see my vision has come to life: creating the strongest windproof umbrella, built to weather the Dutch weather. It's also a reminder that, with the right team and determination, even the simplest ideas can turn into something extraordinary.