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At Tumella, we pride ourselves on outsmarting the elements time and again. Come rain or sunshine, Tumella’s umbrellas are here for you. 

Getting ready for a first date but it’s raining cats and dogs [n. hondenweer]? Take your Tumella and you will not only arrive looking your best but also woo your date with a statement umbrella. (Bonus tip, take a romantic walk underneath your Tumella!)  

In your finest suit to impress your potential new boss but it’s bucketing down [n. hozen]? No worries! Take your Tumella umbrella and arrive like the candidate out of a dream. Not a hair out of place thanks to your Tumella.   

As you can see, there is a Tumella for everyone. And for every occasion. Outsmart the elements like a boss!

While we don’t recommend using Tumella in extreme winds [n. noodweer], we strongly support your decision to stay inside, cuddled under a blanket, with a book and a cup of steaming hot tea. However, if you do choose to go outside, be careful when using your Tumella and always use your Tumella facing into the wind.

Here are 3 tips to keep your Tumella in optimal shape. 

  1. Before closing your Tumella, leave it open to dry thoroughly. This prevents mildew and rust. 
  2. Store your Tumella in a dark, cool and dry place. Direct sunlight and heating can cause problems such as fading or warping.
  3. Try to avoid carrying your Tumella in extreme winds. Always carry your Tumella facing into the wind.

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Yes. Your Tumella is not just your best friend on rainy days but also on sunny days. Here to protect you from UV radiation.

Return Policy

We strive to deliver exactly what you need. We promise that you will enjoy our Quality OR get a Hassle-free refund from your purchase (= lifetime warranty).
So.. what if you are not content with your purchase?
You contact our customer service via www.tumella.com/support and tell them your issue.

  • We will offer you a returnless refund 
  • You will either receive a new product or get your money back. Whatever you prefer, we will make sure you will be satisfied.

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