Top 5 Features of the Best Travel Umbrellas

Unfolding the Secrets to the Best Travel Umbrella

Ever arrived at an important business meeting after a heavy downpour? Or at a date after the heavens opened up on you? Then you know why a reliable travel umbrella isn't just a nice accessory, but a true essential for your business trips, holidays, or daily commute. I had this epiphany after arriving completely drenched at a job interview. Even though I got the job, I would have preferred to arrive there in a more stylish manner.

Choosing the Best Travel Umbrella: 5 Characteristics to Keep in Mind

I wasn't a fan of those cheap, foldable umbrellas you can buy at every street corner. But did you know that there's a lot more to travel umbrellas than just those that collapse at the first breeze? Here are the 5 characteristics that distinguish the best compact travel umbrella from its cheap, 1-dollar counterpart.

Windproof Design with 9 Reinforced Fiberglass Ribs

A high-quality umbrella doesn’t skimp on the frame. For umbrella frames to withstand powerful gusts of wind, they need more than just six ribs. That's why the best small travel umbrellas feature at least 8, and preferably 9, ribs.


Moreover, the frame should be reinforced with fiberglass. While a cheaper aluminum frame may collapse at the first strong breeze, a windproof travel umbrella often boasts a resin frame reinforced with fiberglass. The difference? It's in the blend of sturdiness and flexibility. It is unique in that it doesn’t break; the ribs merely flex. Even if the umbrella turns inside out at an exceptionally strong gust of wind, the ribs will flex back easily. Also, fiberglass won’t corrode after being exposed to rain.

Did you know that our Tumella umbrellas have been wind tunnel tested at the University of Eindhoven? Watch the video and discover how they easily withstood wind speeds of over 70 MPH and kept their shape as if nothing had happened.

The Science of Repelling Rain: Advanced Canopy Technology

In the world of umbrellas, the canopy's ability to repel water is paramount. The best travel umbrellas excel in this regard, featuring a Teflon coating that ensures raindrops bead up and roll off quickly. This technology keeps your umbrella light and easy to handle, even in a downpour. Beyond just repelling water, our 210T Pongee waterproof fabric provides consistent dryness and comfort, ensuring you stay protected no matter how long you’re out in the rain.


Our umbrellas are designed for more than just rain; they’re built for overall weather resilience. The Solid Color Tumella models, with their T210 density fabric, offer a cool respite from the sun, while the Design Color versions boast a UPF50+ coating for superior UV protection. Adding to this, our vented design effectively manages wind, ensuring durability in varied weather conditions.

Ease of Use to Carry with You

A premium travel umbrella typically features an automatic open-close button, making it incredibly convenient to operate. Just imagine opening it with the push of a button, and no more fumbling to close it when you're in a hurry! The handle of premium umbrellas is ergonomic, rubberized, and slip-proof, ensuring it stays in your hand even in a big storm. 

The best travel umbrellas also come with a waterproof pouch. This is a game-changer, as it allows you to tuck your wet umbrella in the travel sleeve and then into your bag without any worries.

Regarding size, a small umbrella for travel typically ranges from 10-12 inches and fits effortlessly into your bag, purse, or even the pocket of your jeans. Plus, you'll be glad to know that umbrellas are permitted as carry-on luggage according to TSA Regulations. However, keep in mind that dimensions and weight restrictions for carry-on items can vary between airlines, so it's always a good idea to check with your airline for their specific guidelines.

Lifetime Warranty

If you're in the market for an umbrella that's not just a fair-weather friend, why not go for one that comes with a Lifetime Warranty? Think about it: a Lifetime Warranty is like a brand's pinky promise, a solemn vow that they're in it for the long haul with their product. It's a big, confident thumbs-up saying, 'Hey, we believe in our umbrellas so much, we're hitching our wagon to them for life!'

Indeed, when a brand offers a Lifetime Warranty, it's a clear indicator of their confidence in the quality and durability of their product. It's like they're saying, 'We're proud of what we've created and we're here to back it up, rain or shine.' This warranty isn't just about fixing or replacing an umbrella; it's a brand's commitment to being a reliable part of your daily life, no matter the weather.


So, as you're looking for an umbrella that can handle whatever the skies throw at you, remember that a Lifetime Warranty is a sign of a brand that takes quality seriously. In the world of umbrellas, where every product promises to keep you dry, those offering a Lifetime Warranty truly stand out.

Stylish Designs with a Twist

Who says umbrellas have to be dull and dreary? At Tumella, we believe that even a rainy day deserves a ray of sunshine. That's why our umbrellas aren't just about keeping you dry; they're about making you smile in the rain. Picture this: you're walking down the street, raindrops pitter-pattering above, and instead of a plain, unremarkable canopy, you're looking up at a vibrant blue sky with fluffy clouds, all from the inside of your Tumella umbrella.


Our twist? The designs are on the inside! It’s the little secret you will discover when you pop open your umbrella. Whether it’s a sunny day's blue sky or a cheerful sunflower umbrella, our playful designs are a reminder that there’s always something beautiful to find, even on the cloudiest days. And for those who prefer a classic look, our solid color umbrellas are the epitome of sleek sophistication, blending seamlessly with your style.


So, let Tumella add a cheerful twist to your rainy days. With our umbrellas, you'll carry with you a hidden burst of joy, ready to turn every grey day into an opportunity to brighten up your world.

The Tumella Difference

Why choose Tumella? It's simple – we're all about mixing fun with function. Our umbrellas do more than just protect you from rain; they're like your trusty sidekick for any weather adventure. From our sturdy, wind-resistant frames with those extra ribs to our smart canopy that laughs in the face of rain, we've got you covered. And we make it easy too, with automatic open-close buttons because who has time to wrestle with an umbrella?


But here’s the best part: our umbrellas are full of surprises, like designs that turn a dreary day into a walk under a blue sky. With Tumella, it's not just about staying dry; it's about stepping out in style and turning heads. And hey, with our Lifetime Warranty, we're basically saying, 'We’re in this together for the long haul.’ So, when you pick Tumella, you’re not just picking an umbrella; you’re choosing a little bit of sunshine for those rainy days.